Sponsor Council

What is “Sponsorship”?
“Sponsorship” is not specifically defined in Canon Law, but it is a term used within the Church to describe the relationship between a ministry and a religious institute that enables the ministry to be publicly recognized as “Catholic” within a diocese.

Working Definition of Sponsorship in the Mid-Atlantic Community:
Sponsorship is a sacred trust, ensuring the fidelity of an apostolic work to Catholic and Sisters of Mercy mission and values. It describes the relationship between a particular ministry and the religious community through which the Sisters of Mercy exercise ultimate responsibility for and significant influence over the ministry on behalf of the Church. This canonical and legal relationship must be confirmed in the governing documents of the ministry.

What is the Sponsor Council?
Following the recommendation of the Ministry Audit Work Group of the 2005 Inaugural Assembly, a group of persons was appointed by the Community Leadership Team to assist with the oversight of the Mid-Atlantic sponsored ministries.

Who is on the Sponsor Council?

Click here for a list of members of the council.



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