Following are the Mid-Atlantic Community committees. See this complete list of members who will serve on the committees from 2017 to 2020. 

Consultative Gathering Committee
Develops a long-range plan to address Community issues at Consultative Gatherings and Conversation Circles

Critical Concerns Committee
Develops processes to unmask the underlying causes of our Critical Concerns and the interconnections among these causes

Life Development Committee
Serves as a coordinating and resource group for the support of life development (transitions, health and wellness, etc.) opportunities for the Community

Ministry Fund Committee
Reviews proposals and makes recommendations to the Community Leadership Team regarding the distribution of funds

Retreat Committees —
Sea Isle Retreat Committee
Water Mill Retreat Committee

Plans, communicates and coordinates retreat experiences for the Mid-Atlantic Community

Spiritual Life Committee
Works in collaboration with the Community Leadership Team and appropriates committees (i.e. Retreat Committee) to call the members to spiritual transformation




















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